Greg Bekker, DPI, leads the discussion.

Strathbogie Tableland Landcare recenttly held another field day at the Atlernative Fertiliser Trial Site, on Hamilton’s farm. This is a long-term, collaborative project between our Landcare Group, the Gecko Landcare Network and DPI’s ‘Beyond Soils’ project.

The trial site consists of 40 large plots (ca. 5m x 100m), two replicates of each (i.e. 20 treatments) in a ca 3 ha paddock. Treatments include: inorganic granular fertilisers, microbial soil conditioners, liquid plant food, liquid soluble calcium, organic fertiliser and others.

Workshop participants received the latest results from soil and pasture-cut analysis and had the chance to see for themselves how the pasture was responding.

For more information contact David J on 5790 5236.

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