Strathbogie Club of Food Finders

Lets find food that is grown as locally and wholesomely as possible. We meet either once or twice a month on a Sunday afternoon at the Recreation Ground in Strathbogie. The time and frequency depends on the season and daylight saving. Have a look at the community calendar to find out when the next SCOFF will be held. For further information contact Carol: 5790 5325.

SCOFF Values

  • Good local food.
  • New and stronger friendships.
  • Care for the environment.
  • Ongoing real life learning.

SCOFF Aims to

  • Reduce the environmental impact of food production and consumption.
  • Have a positive impact on the local community of Strathbogie by building community relationships, interdependence and mutual trust.
  • Provide an ongoing, real-life educational experience.
  • Reduce our dependence on transport and therefore create a more resilient community with lower green house gas emissions.
  • Strengthen our local economy.

SCOFF Achieves this by

  • Sourcing most of our foods from within a 100km radius of Strathbogie.
  • Giving preference to foods grown by members, organically or bio-dynamically.
  • Providing an enjoyable social forum where ideas can be exchanged.
  • Creating an environment in which children can participate in meaningful ways.
  • Working collaboratively with a sense of adventure and self-responsibility.


  • Because shop food is increasingly toxic, less nutritious and negatively impacts on climate change and drought issues by its means of production.
  • Because food can create a joyous, educational, and bonding experience.
  • Because local economies and communities are more important than convenience and lowest prices.
  • Because we can! The Strathbogie Tablelands and surrounds are very productive agricultural country.
  • Because most of the regulations regarding food production, preparation and handling do not apply if we do not sell food. Because many people frequently have excess to produce from their garden but no convenient way of donating and giving it away.

What is SCOFF

  • Donate excess produce or take away the excess produce of others.
  • Distribute bulk whole foods that have been purchased collectively.
  • Collect produce from community supported agriculture (CSA) arrangements.
  • Discuss and create new and innovative ways of producing and finding food.
  • Learn from a range of experts and members on food related subjects.
  • Access and update registers of local producers, regular bulk food orders and what foods members might want to be available at SCOFF.

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