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If you need help to register to use the website and post messages contact bogieweb@strathbogie.org

Does your community group have a page on our community website? 

Website pages are useful to:

  • promote the good work you do
  • keep members up to date
  • to attract new members. 

If your group has a page who is responsible for maintaining it?

It is important that all pages are current to maintain interest and relvance. Check on who is repsonsible and ensure that they contact bogieweb@strathbogie.org to organise keeping the page up-to-date. Representatives from community groups will be shown how to manage their pages including updating information, adding photos etc

If your group doesn’t have a page on the website perhaps you need one.

There are many terrific new interest groups on The Tableland. If your group would like a website page please contact us so that we can set you up.

If you have suggestions or difficulties please email us at bogieweb@strathbogie.org


3 thoughts on “Web Development

    Just to advise you that the next round of strathbogie.org training sessions will be held over the next few weeks.

    These sessions are especially important for people who are managing pages on strathbogie.org but they are also useful if you would just like to post messages on the website.

    It is only necessary to attend ONE session however if you would like to come to additional sessions and work on your group’s page you would be most welcome.

    Friday 15th February
    Thursday 21st February
    Wednesday 27th February

    Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm

    Location: School

    Please email bogieweb@gmail.com to let us know if you can attend.

    If you would like to attend a training session and these times aren’t suitable please let us know and we’ll arrange additional sessions.
    Website Team

  2. Website Training Sessions Happening Soon!
    If you are managing a page on our website and need training or help please email bogieweb@strathbogie.org so that we can organise a session during the next couple of weeks.
    If you are not managing a page but want some help to post messages we’d love to hear from you too.

  3. Updating and setting up website pages on strathbogie.org . Check out the Web Development page and let us know if we can help in any way.

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