There are two book groups on the Tableland.

We are the Bohomians. Our book club has been operating for 10 years now and it’s still going strong. We meet on the third Thursday of every month in the evening at the Boho South Hall (if you keep the doors closed the mozzies are OK).

In a departure from previous years, we’ve decided to leave the CAE Book Clubs and join the Goulburn Valley Regional Library Book Clubs this year. The reading list looks good and it’s a little cheaper too.

Membership numbers are limited but if you are interested please contact Ruth on 5790 8606

 Reviews Of Books Recently Read

Some books have been reviewed by members of the ‘Bohomians’ for Tableland Talk.These book reviews can be found by clicking on the links: ‘I Heard the Owl Call My Name’; ‘Careless’; ‘Making Nature: Six Walks in the Bush’.

Mobile Library

All Tableland residents can enjoy the extensive resources of the Goulburn Valley Regional Library which has several branches, including one at Euroa.  In addition, the GVRL Mobile library comes up to Strathbogie once a fortnight on a Saturday morning and parks outside the Memorial Hall.  It is open from 9.30 to 12.00 noon.  Books, videos and DVDs can be borrowed, returned and picked up if ordered earlier. All items can be ordered on-line at