A group of enthusiasts have undertaken to research and preserve our local history. The size and membership of the history committee has varied but their dedication and commitment has resulted in the completion of several outstanding projects


On 21st September we unveiled signage to mark the sites of former schools in Strathbogie and District at the original Strathbogie State School No 2181 site on the corner of Polly McQuinns and Tames road. We then went back to the hall for a barbecue and chat and many visitors collected a map to go and find the other sites of interest to them.
If you have any photos or documents etc. suitable for a book about our former school sites please send them to Loretta at the Farmer’s Arms Museum in Euroa.
The schools registered for the district are:

  • Marraweeney
  • Strathbogie – 2 sites   map of former school sites
  • Strathbogie North
  • Strathbogie South
  • Strathbogie North East
  • Strathbogie West
  • Strathbogie South
  • Boho South – 3 sites – only one marked at present but other two will be done.
  • Kelvin View – 2 sites, only one marked at present
  • Wondoomarook
  • Toorour



STRATHBOGIE CENTENARY 1877-1977 bogiebook_oldb

It began in 1977 when a committee of about 30 people was formed to arrange a celebration of the centenary of selection on the Strathbogie Tableland.
It was thought a book about the last 100 years was also appropriate. After much research by a sub committee and with the help of Cliff Halsall, a wonderful history book was put together.

This is a fantastic history of Strathbogie. It sold out some years ago but has now been reprinted and is available for sale for $25 at the Strathbogie Store and in Euroa at the Farmers Arms Hotel Museum.



1977 Centenarysmall

Strathbogie Centenary Committee

Back – Ian Beattie, Ian Lloyd, Huntly Vroland (Secretary), Clinton Hill, Wilton Mackrell (President), John Palmer, Alan Moore (Treasurer), Athol Dean, Laurence Tame

Centre – Rupert Dash, Fred Jacka, Percy Peacock, Mel McDonald, Jack Simpson, Jack Smith, Reg Davis, Cliff Short, Harold Bennie, Bob Page

Front – Athol Hill, Myra Bennie, Leone (Doy) Dash, Janet Bennie, Lyla Tame, Ruby Simpson Kneeling – Helen Hill, Mavis Law





The premiership football team and the many cricket and tennis teams are a credit to the district.strathbogiebook_newb
New roads and new bridges have replaced the old ones meant for horse and cart, so now, instead of the railway line that was lobbied for over many years, semi trailers take
farmers produce to town with relative ease. The book is 112 pages with lots of photos – have you ever seen Polly McQuinn’s in flood?

This excellent update is A4 in size with 112 pages of data and photos and was launched January 2007. It is available from the Strathbogie Store and in Euroa at the Farmers Arms Hotel Museum. http://mc2.vicnet.net.au/home/retmcp/web/euroamuseum.html It is on sale for $20 – plus postage if applicable.

Strathbogie Down the Track Committee2007 book extrasmall

Back – David Jukes, Donald Barns, Max Allen, Lorraine Millar, Anne Simpson, Trevor Delahey, Ken Dunnachie

Front – Shirley Dash, Lorraine Short, Wilton Mackrell (President of the original committee), Helen Hill (President), Alan Moore (Treasurer of the original committee, Secretary of the present committee), Loretta McPherson




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