There are many lovely walks in the Strathbogie area. These maps have been hand drawn by a number of Strathbogie residents in years gone by. The degree of difficulty is unknown and in fact some tracks may not still be in existence. If you feel so inclined check them out at your own peril. We’d love your feedback as to what you discover.

List of the sites with hyperlinks to the maps.

Toorour Forest Area of Strathbogie Plateau

  • This map lists the following places of interest: Toorour Forest Lodge, Rocky Ned Waterfall, Crystal Mines, Golden Mount, Mount Separation and Polly McQuinn’s Waterfall

Various Tracks

  • This hand drawn map lists various tracks on the Tableland

Things to do and see in Strathbogie

  • Part of a flyer from years gone by this map shows special places to visit

The Strathbogie Region

  • This map show The Ranges from Seymour to Ruffy

The Strathbogie Ranges

  • This map shows The Ranges from Terip Terip to Benalla