Bogie Boogie

Boogie is happening again and you are invited for some fun.

Suzie will DJ Carol’s playlist and mix.


If you like to move your body, then come and join us for a dance, shake, stretch or even lie on the floor and wiggle your fingers in time to the grooves … whatever gets the energy flowing through you.


Sunday 27th October 2019

Strathbogie Memorial Hall

Starting at 11am … till 12.30

Bring a plate to share afterwards

Gold coin for the hall.


A time and space to move (or not) to music however you feel to in the moment… there is no right or wrong, no steps to learn…stretch, flow, roll, jump, wiggle, sway, or you can just lay on the floor and listen to the music…


All types of music, intentionally chosen and mixed for you… 60s-90s, classical, meditation, beats, pop, world, folk, country…played using a DJ program through a good sound system with the songs blending together to create a musical journey

For You, Your family, Your friends, Your community (all ages welcome- including children)