Bogie Boogie

Strathbogie Memorial Hall, Main Street

 Occasionally on Sunday mornings 10:30am-12noon (See calendar or Bogie Tree emails)

Bring a bottle of water, suitable clothing and food to share after

$2 per person to cover hall costs


A time and space to move (or not) to music however you feel to in the moment… there is no right or wrong, no steps to learn…stretch, flow, roll, jump, wiggle, sway, or you can just lay on the floor and listen to the music…


All types of music, intentionally chosen and mixed for you… 60s-90s, classical, meditation, beats, pop, world, folk, country…played using a DJ program through a good sound system with the songs blending together to create a musical journey


Facilitated by Jessica Williams who has had a wonderful journey from being unable to move when the word ‘dance’ is mentioned to finding great flowing peace through free movement to music via 5 rhythms, ecstatic dance, dancemandala and chakradance classes and intensive workshops.

For You, Your family, Your friends, Your community (all ages welcome- including children)