Council Proposes To End Community Action Groups

As We Know Them

Council has developed a proposal to integrate Community Action Plans with the Council Plan, at the same time withdrawing funding from Community Action Groups who would cease to be Section 86 Committees of Council and therefore would not be covered by Council’s insurance.    

Council envisages that local communities will form project teams to undertake projects however these teams would need to apply to Council for funding and insurance cover (which may or may not be granted) for each individual project.  STAG believes this model will significantly disadvantage smaller communities which don’t have strong sporting or service clubs already established.

Council has asked all the Action Groups to respond to the proposal. Click the link below to read STAG’s response.

STAG Response to Remodel 

Strathbogie Community Action Group or sent to STAG, C/- Post Office, Strathbogie.


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This group was set up to liaise between Strathbogie Shire and our community.

The STAG committee  for 2016/17 is as follows:

  •             Chairperson                  Doug Watson
  •             Vice-Chairperson          David Jamieson
  •             Secretary                      Helen Peters
  •             Treasurer                      Garth Mitchell


  • Sean Mathews
  • David Hamilton
  • David Kennett
  • Henry O’Connor
  • Andrew Townsend
  • Fiona Townsend
  • Kim Usher

Having committee members with links to other community groups (the hall, school, Rec Ground, Landcare, golf club, CFA) should prove extremely beneficial for future planning. Over the next few months the committee will be working through the Action Plan and identifying projects to be undertaken. Please note that STAG Committee meetings are now held on the first Monday of every second month (February, April, June,  August,  October, December) commencing at 7.30pm in the Soldiers Room at the hall. The date may be changed if this clashes with a public holiday. Please feel free to come along


STAG has set up a number of subcommittees to implement the great ideas of the Action Plans. Projects have included:

  • Emergency Resource
  • Road Works (road widening and remarking)
  • Telstra Tower (3G reception widely accessible)
  • Community Directory (Published in 2012)
  • Website (Launched in 2008 and now being updated)
  • Solar Installations
  • Purchase of A/V equipment specifically data projector and screen for community use


The first Strathbogie Tableland Community Action Plan was set up in 2005 and is regularly reviewed. The most recent  Community Action Plan was established in 2015. Click the link at the top of this page to access the current plan.

3 thoughts on “STAG

  1. Posted by Ellen Conroy 1.8.16
    I’m concerned about the changes to the Action Groups. As I see it large numbers of volunteers around the state are running valuable community events, projects and committees which bond communities and enhance lives.
    The support they receive from Local Council through Action Groups like STAG is minimal but in many cases it makes the difference between the group working or not. Section 86 provides support through insurance and funding. The funding, while limited, means the volunteers can focus on the project without needing to raise funds to set up and conduct the event/project.
    Many great projects have been undertaken through subcommittees of STAG over many years. It’s a good model and it shouldn’t be expensive for Council to retain. As the saying goes if it ain’t broken….

  2. Come along to the STAG AGM. Share a meal and your good ideas. Find out what’s happening and then stay on for the Action Plan Project sessions. Several groups are already underway and doing good work. Join a group that’s underway or get another project up and running.
    We’d love to see you there. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ring a committee member or email us at

  3. A number of great ideas for community projects were put forward at the “Love Where You Live?” Community Dinner in May. These are now listed in the new Draft Action Plan. Please read it and if you are interested in finding out more about a project let us know.
    We’d love your feedback and involvement.

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